Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It was back to Turri Road this morning. Of course I wanted to check out the birds, but I was also in need of a dose of globally warmed sun. In the ponds, full due to a high tide, noticed a pair of Greater and a pair of Lesser Yellowleg. In the shrubbery along the road, a Gnatcatcher and a Wren let me know I was invading their territory. Above, looking for something to eat, a White-tailed Kite hovered (Photo by Kevin Cole) . Watching this bird hover, then to pause in mid-air, its glorious white tail spread out like slim fingers, is an amazing sight.

About 1/2 mile up the road the sun magically appeared. Between the ponds and the pea field, still in bloom and looking beautiful, managed to see immature Western Bluebird and Cassin's Kingbird feeding on tiny insects; at the rusty corral more Cassin's Kingbird, a female Blue Grosbeak, and a family of Indigo Bunting, mom dad and the kids, dashing back and forth across the road. If I were to rate today's birding, I would give it a perfect 16.

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