Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow's primary winter habitat is the pickle weed of the Morro Bay Estuary.  The only time one can see this little, three to five inch beauty, is when a very high tide covers the pickle weed and forces the Sparrow to fly inland.  Sunday morning at 11:00 the 5.8 high tide was perfect for a possible viewing of the Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

Fortunately for birders, this little darling seems to prefer the brush located at the eastern end of the Marina Boardwalk (just around the first bend).  After a bit of looking at White-crowned and Savannah Sparrow, the little darling popped out of the dry brush and posed for a couple of minutes - the view was perfect.  I have to admit that this sighting was a "birding moment."


  1. Joyce I recently found your blog when trying to ID a bird I had seen and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your birding adventures with us.

  2. Kat, Thank you for enjoying my blog. I hope you were successful in identifying your bird. joyce