Sunday, March 10, 2013


This morning's birding jaunt on Turri Road was delightful.  The sky was blue with a warming sun.  As soon as I turned on to Turri Road, I spotted a Wrentit.  Most of the year Wrentits are seldom seen, as they keep to the brush, but when the weather warms and spring breeding season begins, the perky little darlings can be seen and easily heard.  I had the pleasure of watching two of them darting about scolding and singing, their Wren tails vibrating as they sang (so cute!).  A Bewick's Wren was doing much scolding as the two Wrentits carried on. (photo - private road I would like to explore)

About a mile up the road, the creek is accessible.   The water was bank to bank as the high tide and recent rains had filled it. There were Cinnamon and Green-winged Teal, Northern Shoveler, Bufflehead and American Wigeon.  The thrill of the moment was watching a Green Heron fly by.
Another mile up the road is an ephemera pond (photo); though much used by cattle, there was enough water left for Green-winged Teal and No. Shoveler to be dabbling.  Along the mucky edge was a lone Greater Yellowleg and two Killdeer.

Using the barbed wire for a perch were Say's and Black Phoebe, and several Western Bluebirds.    On the way home stopped at the Audubon Overlook - on the bay floated a huge mixed flock of Scaup and Ruddy Duck (they travel together), along the shore all the various shore birds feeding in the wet sand.  In a few weeks the majority of  the ducks and shorebirds will take flight to their breeding grounds in the north. Takes awhile for me to adjust to the quiet emptiness of the bay.  Happy Birding!

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