Tuesday, December 25, 2012


What Birders do on Christmas Day.....
They bird and sing  "The Eleven Birds Of Christmas"

     Twelve Mallards Preening..
     Eleven Whimbrel Feeding..
     Ten Birders Birding..
     Nine Teal a-Dabbling..
     Eight Grebes a-Diving..
     Seven Eagles a-Soaring..
     Six Gulls a-begging..
     Five Golden Warblers......
     Four Fussing Jays..
     Three Snowy Plover..
     Two Precious Finch....
        And a Wrentit in the Scrub Brush......


Sunday, December 23, 2012


Rain or shine I was determined to go birding.  A huge flotilla of ducks was floating peacefully on the bay.  Brant Goose, Blue winged Teal, and the largest flock of Dowitcher I had ever seen were in the vicinity of the Baywood Pier. (photo - rainy Baywood)

Next phase of birding in the rain - Turri Road.  Northern Shoveler were feeding in the ponds.  Say's Phoebe and two American Kestrel were perched on fence posts, a few White-crowned Sparrow, and a flock of Lark Sparrow were in a recently plowed field.  Overall, very quiet and peaceful - a beautiful ride.

 Wishing for a bit more excitement, my thoughts turned to the nearby Sea Pines Golf Course where I had recently seen two species of goose. On the edge of the golf course I found a swarm of American Coot investigating ponds that were forming from water draining off the grass. The dips in the road were several inches deep, allowing the Coots to swim.

 I was marveling at the opportunistic nature of birds when a Juvenile Red-tailed Hawk swooped in. With deadly talons extended, the Hawk snatched up a coot and settled down by the fence to eat his/her meal (photo).  The close presence of the Hawk caused the Coots to close ranks (defensive positioning). They nearly flooded the street with their presence, causing sensitive motorists to take a different route.  The Hawk, intent on consuming its tasty meal, allowed me the opportunity to take photos through the chain link fence. Never let a little rain dampen your birding spirit. Additional Hawk photos may be seen on

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


While on my walk this morning I heard a flock of Canada Geese heading south in the direction of Sea Pines Golf Course.  Suddenly I remembered a Greater White-fronted Goose (photo left) and a Cackling Goose (photo right) had been seen in the vicinity of the ponds at the Sea Pines Golf Course. Hurried home - five minutes later was peering through the chain link fence at a large flock of American Coot plus two charming geese.  The geese fed in close proximity to one another; perhaps an example of cross species friendship.

In spite of the very grey morning I saw 40 species - Thousands of ducks and shorebirds.  In various pines were Red-breasted Nuthatch, Chickadee, and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Favorite sighting of the morning was of two local photographers with their tripods and humongous cameras waiting for the Peregrine Falcon that sometimes perches in the dead cypress near the Baywood Pier.  They were not having any luck; as I continued on I spotted the Peregrine in a nearby Pine, clearly visible to the men with cameras.  I do think this Peregrine is a tease.