Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the release of a rehabilitated juvenile, female Peregrine Falcon. The Peregrine was found on the sandspit on June 26; one of her wings had been broken. She was rehabilitated by Jeri Roberts' at her raptor rehab center. Peregrine photo by Mike Baird. It is not the bird that was released, but could be kin.

Arrangements had been made with the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol to take the Peregrine to the area where she had been found. Jeri arrived with the Peregrine in a cooler, which was just the right size to keep the raptor confined but safe. One end is wire. The ride to the sandspit was delightful. No wind. The Peregrine exited the carrier with great power and soared across the bay. There was some speculation that she was one of the four Peregrines that fledged on the south side of Morro Rock this year. For your viewing pleasure have a less than a minute vide of the experience.

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