Saturday, June 2, 2012


A few days ago a friend mentioned hearing an unusual bird song in Sweet Springs. (photo - Eucalyptus reflected in pond)  The morning was lovely, partially sunny, with a soft fog over the bay and the distant dunes.  Perfect conditions for checking out the action in Sweet Springs.  Numerous songs could be heard but nothing unusual.  To my delight, observed Willow Flycatcher and Pacific-slope Flycatcher in the Eucalyptus trees.  Had not seen either one of these little darlings for at least a year.  Both the Flycatchers have unusual songs, but they were not singing, just darting about eating insects.

To my added delight a couple of  the resident Common Yellowthroat, one on each side of the pond, were having a song fest.  Recorded a short video of a Yellowthroat song.  In the background may be heard (besides the swoosh of automobiles) Song Sparrow and White-crowned Sparrow.
The Juncos were lively - youngsters chasing after parents in hopes of getting a handout. Hmm, sounds familiar. Thank you Sweet Springs.  You never disappoint. 

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