Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Spring was in full bloom (photo) this Morning. Common Yellowthroat and Song Sparrow were singing their little hearts out. A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks were noisily chasing each other through the trees. Wildflowers were blooming - Humming Bird Sage, Wallflower, Phacelia, Coreopsis, Chinese Houses. Floating along in the bay was a large flock of Ruddy Duck; many of the males transitioning to their breeding colors - dark head, vivid white cheek, blue bill, a ruddy cinnamon body, and of course their "piece de resistance," perky tail feathers.

In the pickleweed, along the channels, were resting Shoveler, Cinnamon, Blue and Green Winged Teal, a solitary Canada Goose, and an assortment of Egrets and shorebirds. Above, a pair of Tree Swallows dashed about.
On the far side of the wetland two White-tailed Deer (photo) were quietly feeding. Fortunately for the deer, the boardwalk keeps people out of the wetland - has been at least three years since I had seen deer in Sweet Springs.

As I was leaving, I came upon a couple of friendly out of town birders. They had many questions. They asked me if I lived nearby. I said, "Yes." "You live in paradise," said the gentleman. I had to agree.

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