Friday, September 23, 2011


I wish I was more adept at identifying Warblers and other little migrant passerines. Trying to identify one, as it rapidly moves thru dense vegetation, is a real challenge to my birding skills. At Islay Creek (photo), after spending 2 hours and nearly bleary eyed, I managed to see a female Lazuli Bunting, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow Warbler, and a Clay-colored Sparrow.

In the campground I spotted a pair of Townsend Warbler. I am very fond of the Townsend as they are easy to see and linger longer in their pursuit of insects. In the same tree was a Hermit Warbler. Bewick's Wren seemed quite upset at this Warbler invasion and gave them a thorough scolding. Do enjoy the feisty little Wren.

Other birds of note were a pair of Western Bluebirds hanging around the restrooms and a late batch of baby quail about the size of walnuts - so precious!!

Popped by Sweet Springs. Great sighting of one of my most favorite favorites, the Brown Creeper. The little darling was working his/her way up a gnarled old cypress trunk, stopping every few moments to gobble down a tasty insect.

Stopped by the Audubon Overlook at the end of 4th. The tide was perfect for viewing shorebirds. Birds of note: 20 or so Semipalmated Plover, two Dowitcher, Virginia Rail in the reeds, and two Black-bellied Plover (wearing their winter plumage).

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