Sunday, June 12, 2011


Walked to Sweet Springs. The morning was sunny with a slight breeze. Took the path to the right that loops around the pond. Nine turtles were sunning themselves on a board in the pond. I believe the board was placed there just for the turtles. For awhile I was the only person enjoying the preserve. Birds twittering and singing - music to my ears. Saw or heard 21 species. (Photo - Black Phoebe)

I was sitting on a bench rebooting my iPod, which now serves as my bird book, when Teddy, a photographer/birding friend happened by. She mentioned the Great Horned Owls that live in the preserve, and asked if I had seen them. Last year I had seen them, but was not quite certain where to look this year. Teddy had taken photos of them and said she knew where they were. There were two fluffy teenage owlets, so very precious, and a parent. A real treat to see them.

Another treat was finally getting to see a Pacific Slope Flycatcher. I often hear them, but had not seen one this year. How fortunate I am to have this wonderful birding area so close to home.