Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Wednesday enjoyed a most delightful field trip with Harry and Norma. Weather clear, and mild, no wind. We meandered around looking for birds and wildflowers. Our bird count came to 23 or so. Best birds - Raven, Yellow-billed Magpie. Northern Shrike (3), Western Kingbird. Red-tailed Hawks were numerous. We really enjoyed watching a pair of No. Harrier skimming along the hill tops looking for breakfast.

Lunched in Parkfield at a charming park shaded by cottonwoods. Parkfield is located in the Temblor Range between the San Joaquin Valley and the Central Coast - elevation 1,529ft. This quaint community of 18 also is located along the San Andres Fault, one of the longest and most active faults in the United States; it appears in the town as a dry creek bed (we drove over the fault). The fault marks the division between the North American Plate and the Pacific Plate. We ate lunch in Parkfield at a charming park shaded by cottonwoods. Acorn Woodpeckers were abundant and chatting up a storm.

We did not see any fields of flowers, but in the vast open space along Parkfield Road Norma spotted a herd of Prong Horn - a real pleasure seeing those splendid, animals.

Last sighting of the day was in Harry and Norma's yard, a handsome Phainopepla!!

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