Saturday, March 26, 2011


I was not going to let the rain dampen my birding spirits. I parked by the T-Pier and walked to the "Rock." In the channel were Western Grebe, Eared Grebe (one in breeding plumage), Common Loon, and one Pigeon Guillemot.

An Oystercatcher was making much noise as it flew across the channel.

A few days ago I spoke with Bob, the Peregrine watcher. He said the eggs should be hatching in a few days. Fledging occurs within 35 - 40 days. I do hope that all the wet weather has not harmed the eggs. As you can see by the two photos, the day I spoke with Bob the sun was out. I had excellent sightings of both the male and the female. The male spent time perched on the top of vertical rock formation (lower photo). The female was perched around to the left of the nest, just below the top of the "Rock," (click on top photo) where the white is spilling down. The male takes over the brooding duties when the female leaves the nest.

Rain brings out the beauty of Morro Rock. There are many blooming plants and huge areas of California Sagebrush. It is lush, fragrant, and gorgeous, and is a great contrast to the beige and brown color of the rock.

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