Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Point Buchon Trail is located on PGE property on the south side of Coon Creek. I took the mile loop. It was windy and cold, but I persevered. There were the usual birds in the brush, Spotted Towhee, Calif. Quail, a singing Calif. Thrasher,and a busy Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.

On the bluff where the cattle were grazing were numerous Meadowlark. The short grass makes it easy to see their brilliant yellow breast. As I was gazing at these gorgeous birds a Peregrine Falcon flew in and scooped one up in her talons. The Meadowlark was loudly protesting as the Falcon flew off.

Birdwatching was not my only goal. I was hoping to see spouts from migrating Gray Whales. Barely on the trail five minutes when I saw several spouts and the back of a whale. Great birding and whale watching - the Central Coast provides!


  1. Look at all that green grass, the rain really changes the landscape quickly. And what a treat for you, not so for the poor Meadowlark, but that's how natures food chain works. In a few months the poppies will be painting the hillsides and flat lands with bright orange. Thanks for the report Joyce, looks like Anne and I need to plane a day trip in the near future.

  2. Amazing photos , they could be postcards !

    Thanks for sharing Joyce !