Thursday, December 9, 2010


Beautiful in Sweet Springs this morning. Mallards were abundant in the large pond. A Great Egret (photo) was looking for breakfast by the second bridge. In the distant channel were Blue-winged Teal, American Wigeon, Northern Pintail (the male is always dressed in his formal attire).

Out from the overlook were scads of Brant Goose, Ruddy Duck, Am. Wigeon, Cinnamon Teal, Bufflehead, Scaup, No. Shoveler, West. Grebe, Caspian Tern. In the brush along the boardwalk got a good view of a Hermit Thrush. Hermit Thrush may come to your birdfeeder if you put out raisins, currants or nut meal.


  1. WOW great bird walk this AM Joyce. Sweet Springs is a wonderful place to be in the early morning. I need to get out to the look out now.

  2. Wonderful bird and excellent photo !

    we're having a very windy , very cold ( 8c. )and dusty weather.Never had dust in winter , weird !