Sunday, February 16, 2014


 Friday was a divine day at El Chorro Park, located about 5 miles east of Morro Bay.  Weather was warmish, no wind and gloriously quiet except for the sound of birds.  In the grassy area of the park observed several Northern Flicker, Bluebird, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and numerous White-crowned Sparrow feeding on the ground.  Along the old, unused road that meanders up Dairy Creek, Chickadee, Bewick's Wren, American Goldfinch.   The action was overhead, three Red-tailed Hawks swooping and calling. 
This morning at Sweet Springs song birds were getting into the Spring Mode; boldly singing were Song Sparrow, Bewick's Wren, and American Goldfinch.  Gaily chattering was a large flock of Chestnut-backed Chickadee and in the trees, a flock of of beautiful, Cedar Waxwing (below Photo). 
As the tide comes into the pickleweed, the channels fill.  Ducks that feed in shallow water rest in the pickleweed until the tide recedes enough for them to resume feeding.  Resting along the edge of the channels was a large flock of Green-winged and Blue-winged Teal, plus No. Shoveler, Widgeon, Pintail, and one lonely White-fronted Goose.  On the bay a large flock of Ruddy Duck and their close associate, the Scaup.  Out further the divers, Bufflehead and Eared Grebe; a very peaceful scene.

Did not find the Bald Eagle that has been seen numerous times, but did get lasting looks at a Merlin and a Cooper's Hawk.   Birding is Sweet in Sweet Spring.