Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Front yard birding has been excellent of late.  One and sometimes two male Townsend's Warbler are feeding at the suet that hangs in a scraggly Mallow Bush in my front yard.  This morning, flitting in the Mallow, were two male Townsend's, plus Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Chickadee, and a perky Oak Titmouse.

Occasionally the Townsend's takes delicate sips of water from the bird bath.   I was trimming a plant near the birdbath today when he came in for a sip, nearly close enough to touch; he lingered on the edge for a few moments, and of course I did not have a camera.  Taking a decent photo of the little darling is difficult, as this colorful little warbler is never at one location for more than a second.

From tiny birds to much larger birds - A few days ago, on a very cold morning was able to get a photo of Turkey Vultures warming up before flight. Unlike the fast moving Warbler, these guys were nearly stationary.  A photo op. I could not pass up.  A friend of mine whose living room window looks out at this old tree, called to let me know about the vultures.
Turkey Vultures are non-aggressive and contrary to common belief do not circle dying animals, although sometimes, while out in the wild, I feel they are giving me the eye.

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  1. I adore the Townsend's. We have one that visits the nursery where I work every winter. I'm amazed at your photo, because those birds never sit still for long.