Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This afternoon around 2:30 visited Cloister's Pond.  I had heard from a friend that the reeds blocking the view of the pond had been trimmed.  The above photo was taken from the main overlook.  The reeds had been trimmed, a more complete job than last year, and the refuse removed (yeah!).  The trimmed area, the brown in the above photo, appeared to offer much to eat.  Two Sora, a mature and a juvenile were foraging and swimming back and forth - great sighting of both birds.  Busy seeking out tasty items were Song Sparrow, White and Golden-crowned Sparrow, and 2 Orange-crowned Warblers. On the sand peninsula a beautiful Killdeer was busy feeding.  In the reeds were numerous Red-winged Blackbirds; on the water one Pied-billed Grebe and numerous Mallards.
The viewing area to the north had also been trimmed - a real treat, as the reeds totally blocked off the view of the water (above photo).  At the present time only Mallards were to be seen, although in the far section of reeds several Black-crowned Night Herons roosted.  I am greatly appreciative for the reed trimming, as I will be leading a bird walk at the Cloisters for the Morro Bay 2014 Winter Bird Festival.

Might you be interested in  http://www.morrobaybirdfestival.org/  Attending the festival is a great way to spend a winter day or weekend.

This is the time of year for Warblers to be passing by.  Get out your binocs. and check out your back/front yard and any nearby park or moist area with trees and shrubs.   Enjoy!!

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