Sunday, May 12, 2013


First on the agenda was Cuesta Inlet.  The morning was sunny, tide slowly moving in. I was hoping to see or hear an Olive-sided Flycatcher.  Took only a few moments to locate the Flycatcher, as the little darling was doing what it does best, flycatching.   From a perch the Flycatcher flies off to catch an insect and then flies back to the same or nearby perch.  I just stood still watching; eventually it was perched in an oak, close enough to see without binoculars.  What a treat!!
Sweet Springs Preserve could not have been better.  I was surrounded by a plethora of bird song; didn't know where to look first.  At least 4 Pacific-slope Flycatcher.  Juncos were very active.  From the quaint bridge that spans the two ponds, watched a Western Tanager, with his black and white wings, yellow body, and red head, harass a Song Sparrow that was bathing along the edge of the pond.  Mrs. Tanager and Mr. and Mrs. Common Yellowthroat were nearby watching the action.  Overhead, a flock of Cedar Waxwing fed on Eucalyptus blossoms.  Sweet Springs at its Best!

My next stop was the hardware store to purchase peanut butter suet.  Tiny Bushtits are nesting in a brushy small tree in my front yard, organic peanut butter suet is their favorite,  Nothing but the best for my nesting Bushtits.