Monday, November 26, 2012


In my last blog I said I would return to the boardwalk the next morning to experience the 6.8 tide (photo - Black Phoebe on posts). At 9:00 I was the only person on the boardwalk  As a result of this tide, the birds such as Savannah Sparrow and Yellow-rumped Warbler, that forage in the pickleweed (now flooded),  were in the brush along the boardwalk; as a consequence they were very easy to observe.  A major treat was seeing two pair of Palm Warbler.

Now, we need to fast forward - Yesterday I introduced 4 friends, two from out of town to the cornucopia of birds that can be seen from the boardwalk and trail.  Before we had set one foot on the boardwalk we had already seen 3 species of Grebe and a Kingfisher.  Thousands of shore birds were feeding and resting in the estuary.  A large flock of Brant Goose kept us company with their constant chatter.  Cormorants and assorted shorebirds swirled overhead. 

Three perky Blue-gray Gnatcatcher entertained us and, to our amazement we had wonderful sightings of two Palm Warblers - look for the bobbing tail.  As we exited the boardwalk onto the tail that runs along the marina, there bobbing along, was my little darling, the Spotted Sandpiper. One and a half hours of birding netted us 31 species, that is without a scope.  At the end of our walk we were in total agreement that we had just experienced birding at its best.

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