Thursday, June 7, 2012


A few days ago a Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) was observed in willows which are located on Audubon property near Cuesta Inlet in Los Osos, Ca.  As the crow flies, the inlet is across Morro Bay from where the Catbird was last seen (on the south side of Morro Rock) in December 2008.  Needless to say the local birders were all a flutter.

 The Gray Catbird belongs to the Family Mimidae which also includes Mockingbirds and Thrashers - all notable singers, able to mimic other songbirds.

The Catbird, most distinguished, as there is only one species in North America, was playing hide and seek with the birders and photographers.  (photo taken at Morro Rock in 2008).  I never saw the little gray darling, but was able to record its sound.  Much like our local Mockingbirds, the Catbird song is composed of a variety of sounds, including a cat-like meow.  I do not believe I heard a meow, but I could be mistaken.  I have included two YouTube videos - The sounds of the Catbird, and for comparison a neighborhood Mockingbird who does a marvelous imitation of a Scrub Jay.


  1. Joyce; you're really getting to be a professional at this sort of thing - it's wonderful! Thanks so much. Shirley

  2. I enjoyed the videos so much Joyce , Thanks for sharing.And I agree about the pro thing !

    The sounds in he second video are amazing , and uniqe.