Monday, October 3, 2011


Spooner's Cove Lagoon, Montana de Oro State Park (photo) - Beautiful, mild morning. Due to recent high tides, a wide lagoon has formed. I enjoy watching the seasonal changes on the beach. I also enjoy watching birds, but the only bird that was in view was a Black Phoebe.

Behind the Ranch House in the Willows and Cypress along the creek a couple of House Wren were busy scolding. Darting thru the vegetation were two Townsend's Warble, several Orange-crowned Warbler and a Hermit Warbler (first Hermit of the season) and Chickadees.

Yesterday stopped by the Audobon Overlook. All was quiet. Decided to stir things up a bit with a few iPod bird calls. Marsh Wren came out, Song Sparrow and White-crowned sang, Common Yellowthroat showed his pretty face, and the Red-winged Blackbirds were dashing back and forth, (Some of them still had their brilliant red shoulder patches.) and somewhere in the brush a Spotted Towhee called. Now, that is my idea of fun. Just as I was leaving, seven Blue-winged Teal paddled slowly by - my first sighting of these little darlings this season.

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