Saturday, October 22, 2011


Another ideal morning at Montana de Oro, perfect for birding the bluff (photo Corallina Cove). On the rocks at Spooner's Cove (lighting was not good for a photo) were hundreds of Brant Cormorant, and scores of Brown Pelican; in the water were Eared Grebe, and a large flock of Western and Clark's Grebe. This gathering of birds meant that a feeding frenzy had recently occurred. There goes another lost opportunity.

Along the dusty trail House and Bewick's Wren were active. Occasionally a White-crowned Sparrow showed its handsome head. On the rocks to the north of Corallina Cove one can always count on seeing Pelagic Cormorant. I found it interesting that there had been no Pelagic at Spooner's Cove; perhaps they do not associate with Brant.

After crossing the rickety bridge I headed up toward the Eucalyptus Grove. Had great fun enticing a Golden-crowned Sparrow (saw few last year) and a couple of Spotted Towhee to come out in the open. Both species were cooperative. Managed to get a photo of the Towhees, an immature and an adult. It is my opinion that many of our local species had late clutches, perhaps due to the prolonged spring rains.
Tomorrow will check the Cloisters for Golden-crowned Sp.

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