Saturday, November 20, 2010


On my way to run a few errands this morning I stopped at Sweet Springs. The day was magnificent with baby blue sky and puffy cumulus clouds. Sleeping in the pickleweed that line the channels, were several groups of Blue-winged Teal (photo, male Blue-winged Teal). Had to really look to see them, as they blended in perfectly with the vegetation.

Close to the overlook were about 28 Ruddy Duck (first sighting of the season). Love their perky tail feathers. Two Brant were nearby.

Not in a big hurry, I checked the ponds at Sea Pines Golf Course. Between the two ponds were 48 Coots; in the center of the flock were two Canada Goose. The flock was so intent upon feeding that they did not so much as raise an eyebrow when a golf ball landed in their midst.


  1. I was just telling Anne yesterday as we were driving back from a Hwy. 1 drive to sunset that our wintering birds should be arriving. Nice capture Jpyce, I bet they do blend quite well with the foliage.

  2. A type of day I love !

    Funny about the golf ball :)