Thursday, October 14, 2010


The time was nearly 5:30. Sun well hidden by dense fog. Dashing about in the Cypress trees, in front of the Visitor Center, were 3 pair of Western Blue Bird, numerous Yellow-rumped Warbler and a pair of Townsend Warbler. They were finding insects (invisible to my eyes) on the tree trunks, on the ground, and in the air. I think these little insect eaters were gobbling down as much as they possibly could before night set in.

Earlier I had driven into the Campground. Two crows were chasing a tiny field mouse around the wide base of a Cypress. Eventually the mouse was caught by one of the crows, who then flew to the top of the Cypress and ate the little darling. First time I had observed this behavior. I knew Crows were scavengers but did not know they were hunters.

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  1. Oh , I didn't know crows hunt for mice !

    We see them a lot at the club and they cleverly snap a piece of chicken from a sandwich if left on the table .