Monday, July 26, 2010


The Turri Road Mostly Dry Ponds (photo) - A flock of about 50 Semipalmated Plover were resting in clumps of pickle weed. Every few minutes a small flock of Plovers would fly in and settle into the weed. When I first arrived I did not see them, as none were moving. It was after a flock came in that I began to see them in the vegetation (I wondered what else was out there that I was not seeing). One Western Sandpiper was feeding, and in the small pond to the East were a Lesser and Greater Yellowleg (really enjoy seeing them together). The Lesser was feeding in the water in a manner similiar to a Phalarope, pursuing the insects by spinning around. That was a fun sighting!

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  1. The way you describe it joyce ,it is really fun to watch .You made me more aware of these lovely creatures !