Sunday, July 18, 2010


We drove up Turri Road. In the ponds were 10 Greater Yellowleg and 2 Killdeer. About a mile further, on the creek side, was a flock of American Goldfinch, and in a field of peas a pair of Western Bluebirds.

Our next stop was the Morro Bay Marina. We meandered through the brush, enjoying the antics of a large flock of Bushtits (see photo). Reaching the bay we sat on a rock and feasted our eyes upon Godwit, Willet, Long-billed Curlew and a huge flock of Sandpipers flying over the bay. White Pelican and Great Egret were on a sandbar. It is wonderful to see migratory birds returning to the Central Coast.

Our final destination was the Audubon Overlook at the North end of 4th in Los Osos. Our first sighting was of a small, mixed flock of Dowitcher and Willet. Before we could figure out whether the Dowitchers were Long-billed or Short-billed, they disappeared from view. To be honest, they disappeared from view because we had become distracted by a Virginia Rail who was feeding in the mud. Virginia Rails are few and far between around Morro Bay, so this sighting was an enormous treat.

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