Thursday, July 1, 2010


Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park was nearly deserted. Perhaps it had to do with the $10. parking fee. The only trail that was open was the one to the falls overlook. Photo shows 80 ft. McWay Falls flowing down granite cliffs at Partington Cove (see video at end of post). Pigeon Guillemots were nesting behind the falls. Two Condors soared overhead. Wilson's Warbler, Wrentit, and Olive-sided Flycatcher were singing in the dense brush along the path to the falls. A few miles north, and about 500 yds. past the Coast Art Gallery is a popular area for viewing Condors. Unfortunately, the dense fog made Condor observation impossible.

Point Lobos State Park. Fortunately the fog had lifted. Pelagic Cormorants were nesting on rocky promontories. It is amazing the eggs do not fall into the sea. Pigeon Guillemots were nesting in the cliffs. About a mile or so out were numerous feeding Humpback Whales. I have never seen such a display of breaching, spouts, tails and backs. One of the perks of bird watching along California's Central Coast is the unexpected nature sightings.

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  1. Another relaxing video Joyce !

    It is amazing eggs don't fall but that's why they are oval instead of round.They will go in circles and won't fall.

    Wow , 10$ for parking the car ? Do you know why it s that much ?