Saturday, May 15, 2010


10:00 a.m., South side of Morro Rock - Quite thrilling to see the Peregrine Falcon adult male grab a very small bird out of the sky and take it to one of the hatchling, who proceeded to tear it apart (photo by Mike Baird). With a scope one can see, the entire process. Over the course of about an hour the male brought 4 small birds to the nestling.

The female adult which is larger and darker than her mate was not visible. She is the stronger of the two. When there is a confrontation between the Peregrines from the other side of the rock, the female handles it while the male hides out in a hole and screeches.

At the western end of the parking area Bob has two scopes that are always focused on the Peregrines. All are welcome to look through the scopes.

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